Women versus Men: A Conflict of Navajo Emergence (bilingual)

$ 79.95

The book contains the English and Navajo text  of a number of episodes of the Navajo Emergence collected from Curley Tó Aheedlíinii by Father Berard Haile in 1932. The title is somewhat misleading, because the story of the separation of the sexes only involves 6 of the total 13 episodes presented in the book. You also find: The making of the Sun, The Making of the Stars, The Making of the Months, the Moccasin Game etc in this bilingual publication. Perfect also for the classroom.

Some of our free bilingual stories are taken from this book.

Condition: Very good +, not  ex libraries, no markers inside, feels like unread, cover and back a bit faded at the edges.

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