THE SACRED: Ways of Knowledge, Sources of Life

$ 39.95

This book is about the sacred ways of Native  American people in North America. Through examples from the oral tradition of The People, through interviews, speeches, prayers, songs and conversations, these ways will be explored. This book will attempt to describe, not intrude by analysis, the meaning, role and function of sacred traditional practices and observances in the lives of The People, individually and collectively. It will perhaps also help to correct the misinformed views on Native American sacred traditions and observances. These views fill the archives, the libraries, the movies,  and the textbooks which students use throughout the world. By simply letting The People speak we may come to better understand the profound strength, beauty, and vitality of this dimension of American Indian people.

VERY  GOOD +. An apparently unread copy in almost perfect condition. Cover is intact; pages are clean and are not marred by notes or folds of any kind.

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