The Navajo Treaty of 1868: Treaty Between the United States of America and the Navajo Tribe of Indians

$ 24.95

History comes alive between the pages of this book. It contains the Treaty of 1868 and many other documents, illustrations, maps and photos of the events leading up to this important day in Navajo history. The book draws its content from primary material and gives access to an extended amount of historical resources, that never before have been documented in one publication. Originally addressed to teachers and students of Navajo culture and history in Navajo schools, this expanded edition is now made available to a larger audience and will lead to a better understanding of the Navajo Nation’s very painful chapter in history. Includes: • copy of the original hand written Treaty • historical events leading up to the Long Walk • Manuelito’s and Jesus Arviso’s biography • collected and recorded oral history stories (Hwéeldi Baa Hané)

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