The Myth and Prayers of the Great Star Chant and the Myth of the Coyote Chant

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The practitioner who contributed his mythology and attendant ceremonial ritual of the Great Star Chant was Hasttiin Ayóó' ániłnézií of the Táchii'nii clan from Sawmill, Arizona, in 1931. 

From 1925 until her death in 1958, Mary Cabot Wheelwright pursued her work in exploring and collecting the spiritual inner visions of the Navajo people. Her approach to Navajo culture was with a remarkable sense of integrity. With the assistance and support of Hasteen Klah, Wheelwright recorded eighteen different ceremonial chantways and worked with forty different practitioners. While some of the versions may differ, they offer a comprehensive explanation of the origins of each myth and symbolism and the meaning of each ritual.

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