Little Herder in Autumn ’Aak’eedgo Na’niłkaadí Yázhí

$ 12.95

Ann Nolan Clark's moving stories of Navajo life as seen through the eyes of a young Navajo girl are available in print again. These poetically rendered, bilingual accounts of Navajo culture and traditions describe a sustainable way of life that is rooted in the land and linked to the seasons. First published in 1940, they were an outstanding achievement for their sensitively rendered cultural content, establishment of a written Navajo language, and for the sheer beauty of Navajo artist Hoke Denetsosie’s illustrations. These unique books are among the most interesting and groundbreaking of all American children’s literature and appeal to young and adult readers. There are four Little Herder books: 1. In Autumn 2. In Winter 3. in Spring 4. In Summer This edition has been newly typeset in Navajo and designed to closely resemble the original.

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