Beautyway: A Navaho Ceremonial

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The large Beautyway book includes "Navaho Beautyway: Its Uses, Mythology, Songs, and Geographical Settings" by Leland Wyman; "The Myth of Beautyway" by Singer Man and Father Haile; "The Myth of Beautyway Female Branch" by Wilito Wilson and Maud Oakes; "The Jicarilla Apache Holiness Rite: The Place of Worship" by Jose Juez Velarde and Father Haile; "The Sandpaintings of Beautyway" by Leland Wyman; and "The Sandpaintings" recorded (in writing) by Maud Oakes, Franc J. Newcomb and Laura Armer.

In the rear pocket is a "Supplement to Beautyway: A Navaho Ceremonial: The Myth," told by Singer Man, recorded in the Navajo Language (written in the orthography devised by Dr. Sapir) by Father Berard Haile (Translation is in the main book: The Myth of Beautyway" by Singer Man and Father Berard Haile) 

From the introduction to the text: The text of the myth of Beautyway was dictated to Father Berard Haile by Singer Man of Deer Spring, Arizona, in 1932. Singer Man had been instructed in the main elements of the chant - its legend, songs, prayers, and portions of song sequences-by the late Little Lefty, who died before he had finished giving the instruction. Singer Man had no opportunity, therefore, to learn the sandpaintings, or to be initiated by a performance sung over him by his teacher. Consequently, he himself did not become a practitioner of the ceremonial. Father Berard, Franciscan missionary of Saint Michaels, Arizona, ac­complished linguist and lifetime student of the Navaho language, after more than fifty years among them, is acknowledged by the Navaho as one of a very small company of white persons who speak their tongue like a native. He has remarkable facility, therefore, in rendering the texts into free transla­tions that retain a genuine Navaho flavor. Too many published translations of myths were "polished" into facile English, so that they do not ring true to a reader familiar with the Navaho scene.

 7 b/w and 16 full-page color reproductions of sandpaintings (serigraph prints).

 The book itself is in near fine condition, the supplement is like new. With rare original dust jacket (Condition as shown on this page). The book is tight and clean with name of former owner written inside on cover in yellow ink. The sandpaintings are in perfect condition.




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