The Windways of the Navaho

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The Windways of the Navaho

(Paperback) by Leland Clifton Wyman (Author)


In this book, Professor Leland C. Wyman presents a thorough treatment of two related Navaho chants, Navaho Windway and Chiricahua Apache Windway. Like Wyman's Beautyway, English versions of the myths represent Wyman's editing of Father Berard Haile's free translations of Navaho texts. Unlike Beautyway, no Navaho text is provided, but Wyman supplies information as to where copies are available. He supplies a commentary on the uses of these chants, their place in Navaho ceremonialism, and the history of Chiricahua Windway. He compares 17 chantway myths with each other and with the origin myth for similarities of minor and major mythological motifs and provides a list of unique or almost unique elements in each myth. Sandpaintings of the Windways are analyzed. 

 The book is also an analysis of the entire vast and complex body of Navaho mythology with tables of mythic motifs so that any given myth may be understood in its relation to the whole system. 

 10 tables, 60 illustrations in black and white and color.

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Paperback: 327 pages Publisher: Taylor Museum of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center (1962) 


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