The Trouble at Round Rock: by Left-Handed Mexican Clansman and Others

$ 12.95

This book tells the story of the trouble at Round Rock between Navajo Agent Shipley and Black Horse during October 1892. It is preceded by a short history of the Navajo country up to that time to better understand the background for the conditions that led to this conflict. The stories were originally recorded in Navajo, and then translated into English. An effort was made to carry over the ‘flavor’ of the original Navajo text in the translation part without violating English idiom. The Trouble at Round Rock includes three first–person accounts remembering the Navajo side of the event for future generations. The original edition of 1952 was printed in a limited number of 5200 books. Native Diné speakers will recognize an elaborate Navajo throughout the book that lends itself perfectly to teaching the language in the classroom today.

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