The Red Antway of the Navaho

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 The Red Antway of the Navaho. LELAND C. WYMAN., (Navajo Religion Series, Volume V.) Santa Fe, New Mexico: Museum of Navajo Ceremonial Art, 1973, 276 pp., 63 illustrations (at rear are 28 pages of b/w illustrations, 8 pages of color illustrations)

The present volume is a most valuable addition to Dr. Wyman’s many contributions to Navaho studies. The book is not just a presentation of a particular singer’s version of a ceremonial. It is a definitive discussion and analysis of all the recorded descriptions of the performance of Red Antway, all the versions so far collected of its myth, and all the sandpaintings and other designs, such as sketches of big hoop trails, body painting, and prayersticks. In addition, since the Red Antway myth contains portions of the origin story, comparisons are made with 11 of the more extensive recordings of the Navaho origin myth. All this material represents field work over a time span that extends from the 1880’s to 1963. 

Almost a third of the book contains the myth, prayers, and songs of Red Antway recorded in 1933-34 by Fr. Berard Haile. This is the first publication on Navaho ceremonialism with actual photographs of ceremonial procedure.

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