The Navajo Hunter Tradition

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 Luckert, Karl W. The Navajo Hunter Tradition. University of Arizona Press, Tucson Arizona, 1975.

Very good.  Cover corners a bit bumped. Inside  very clean and tight.

Based on extensive fieldwork and research, including Navajo hunter informants and unpublished manuscripts of Father Berard Haile. Part 1: The Navajo Tradition, Perspectives and History; Part II: Navajo Hunter Mythology, A Collection of Texts; Part III: The Navajo Hunter Tradition: An Interpretation.

Luckert chose from Navajos stories about hunting and its origins. Since the Navajo  have entered the American Southwest within the last 1,000 years, having departed from their home among the Athapascan hunting peoples in the far north, Luckert reasoned that hunting stones would bear witness to the ancient past of the Navajo people. This book presents the texts of four cycles of hunting myths. Two were collected by Luckert and two were collected in 1929 by Father Berard Haile who was a Franciscan father at Saint Michael’s Mission on the Navajo reservation.

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