Coyote Tales

$ 15.95

The original Navajo Coyote Tales - beautifully colorized. For the first time since the stories were published in 1949, children and adults can read the tales of Coyote the Trickster again in Navajo and English. This edition has been newly typeset in Navajo and designed to closely resemble the original. It is not a facsimile reprint, as sold by other publishers. Coyote stories were told by Navajo elders when gathering around the fire place at night in winter. It was the traditional way to educate young listeners. Six of these delightful tales were originally collected in Navajo 75 years ago from older story tellers and translated into English. Navajo artist Andrew Tsihnajinnie's illustrations accompany the tales – we have enhanced these outstanding drawings by reproducing the original black–and–white illustrations in color. Enjoy how coyote is always trying to trick someone, but things rarely turn out quite as he plans!

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